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Welcome to Kissra.Online

Briefly about me:
I am a “virtual” adult model and I blog my personal life online on my websites. The majority of my content is SFW (Safe For Work), blogs, podcasts and more. However, the smaller portion is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in essence a mix of both.

My name is Kissra, an average woman, Canadian born of Polish descent. English is my primary language, I also speak French and Polish. You can find all my information on my personal website

My partner and I have been together since highschool, we are not married (see my website for my philosophy). I do not do drugs, alcohol or smoke, I keep my body healthy. I am purely virtual, meaning I do not meet in real life nor do I have an open relationship.

CAUTION: If you have any negative views towards virtual-sex workers or the adult industry in general, consider this your WARNING to leave and unfollow me!

Note: By making the conscious choice to click on the menu items, you understand and agree to the caution mentioned above! For more details, see "WAY OF THINKING" menu item.

My Personal Website

My personal website shows “me” in the “now”, you can see my actions, personalities and behaviors; with a time capsule of how I was in the past. Measuring the now in comparison to the past, you’ll discover the rate of evolution in my life.

Live Chat

Anytime you see me streaming on any social media platform, I will also be streaming live on X as well; and you are welcome to come chat with me there.

I only chat on X (x@DarkGothAngel) when live streaming on my social media platforms for the following reasons:

  • X is really my true social media platform where I blog all sorts of posts.
  • X verified users eliminate bots and trolls.
  • On X, there is fairer free speech than any other platform. I don’t get censored and shut down when someone doesn’t like what I’m saying.
  • X platform rules are the fairest among all other platforms. If you are not violating the law, you are free to be you. Other platforms force you to conform to their ideology and their broad definition of what constitutes hate speech, which is basically anything outside a specific narrative.
  • Other platforms shut you down without telling you the specific reason. They send you generic messages stating that you violated community guidelines, and without telling you which of the guidelines you violated, and at which time in your stream the violation occurred. Therefore, your appeal to them will be posing a question asking “what did I violate”? instead of sending them an effective appeal with a proof you did not violate.

    X will always tell you specifically what part of your live-stream violated which of their policies. This will enable you to effectively appeal, the false allegations made by troll-bot-armies that target anyone with potential or whomever they disagree with.

I will walk my own path and your approval or opinion is not needed!

I decided to make this page to address the overwhelming trolls and opinionated people who think they are doing me a favor by coming to me with their views about my way of life and the choices I make.

Let me begin by saying that I am happy, not abused, healthy and I chose this way of life on my own.

My lifestyle is my choice and I am not forcing it on those who disagree with it, therefore keep your opinions and advice to yourself; I am NOT interested!

One of the key points I would like to highlight is: my fan base are loyal and all supportive. And on that note, I see a huge contrast from a select, but persistent, few who intentionally target online models with potential; to discourage them from continuing in their line of business. If this is you, please move on and save your time, as I do not need your righteous help or religious/conservative opinions.